Product Care

We use only new first quality Kevlar and Dacron sail cloth in the manufacturing of our gear bags and accessories.  All bags can be cleaned by hand with mild soap and water solution and should only be air-dried.  Any of the products that incorporate a zipper should be cared for by following the instructions on the bright yellow zipper care tag included with every bag.

Occasional we make bags from donated sails.  While we do clean all donated sails prior to production, these previously raced and cruised sails may show signs of wear and may have inconsistencies with color and occasionally rust stains.  Donated sail bags can also be cleaned with mild soap and water and should also be air-dried.

Zipper Care Tag Instructions:

Zippers need to be lubricated from time to time to keep them sliding freely, especially in a salt water environment.  Lip balm lubricates zippers much in the same way that it lubricates lips.  Rub a clear scent-free tube-style balm over the zipper teeth, working the zipper slider through the lubricated area to spread the balm around, especially at the ends of the zipper.  Wipe away excess balm after the zipper has been lubricated.  Silicone tube-style lubricant may also be used.